by Chandrakant


  • Performance Testing


  • performance monitors and counters

The following performance counters for .net applications, can act as general guidelines for different performance problems, related to the .net application under test.

• Processor\% Processor Time

• Process\Working Set

• Memory\% Committed Bytes in Use

• Memory\% Available Mbytes

• Memory\% Pages/Sec

• Memory\% Page Faults/Sec

• PhysicalDisk\% Idle Time

• Network Interface\Output Queue Length

• .NET CLR Memory\% Time in GC

• .NET CLR Memory# Gen 0,1,2 Collections

• .NET CLR Memory# of Pinned Objects

• .NET CLR Memory\Large Object Heap Size

• .NET CLR LocksAndThreads\Contention Rate/sec

• .NET CLR Exceptions# of Exceps Thrown / sec

• .NET CLR Jit\% Time in Jit

• ASP.NET\Requests Queued

• ASP.NET\Requests Rejected