Apache NIFI Retry & wait in custom processor

Apache NIFI provides various options to retry/wait in processors. If you want to implement custom processor with out of the box nifii solutions to wait on certain condition/external-resource then it would be complex workflow.

Introduction to jshell/REPL and how to launch inline command in jshell from shell

Pellucid tutorial using java modules, REPL(READ EVALUATE Print Loop) jshell and how to launch jshell inline command from shell
Jdk-9 is one of the major shift for java developers, it has so many powerful tools and jshell is one of them. Jshell shall be used to run small commands, utilities, expressions, tough it helps to avoid developing many standalone utilities but it shouldn’t be used to run java classes directly.

Spark Socket streaming example windows

Spark Socket streaming example windows:
Windows OS doesn’t provide any netcat utility and if you are trying to test your spark streaming socket program in windows then either you download external netcat utility or create socket program equivalent to netcat.

Spark Dataset Operations in java

I am gonna demonstrate step by step setup of spark project in this post and explore few basics Spark dataset operations in Java.