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There is an inbuilt function in loadrunner that can be used to capture data from string by specifying delimiters. strtok function can be used to do the trick -

In below example it is shown that how all words can be captured from string “http://localhost/app/myapp:8080” by using 2 delimeters / and :

 extern char * strtok(char * string, const char * delimiters ); // Explicit declaration

    char String_org[] = “http://localhost/app/myapp:8080”; // original string 

    char delimiter[] = “/:”;

    char * token;

    token = (char *)strtok(String_org, delimiter); // capture 1st sub string based on defined delimiter

    if (!token) {

        lr_output_message (“No tokens found in string!”);

        return( -1 );


    while (token != NULL ) { // While valid tokens are returned

        lr_output_message (“%s”, token );

        token = (char *)strtok(NULL, delimiter); // Get the next token



Starting iteration 1.

Starting action Action.

Action.c(15): http

Action.c(15): localhost

Action.c(15): app

Action.c(15): myapp

Action.c(15): 8080

Ending action Action.